Ball Construction

A one-piece golf ball is the simplest of all golf balls, and it is usually used by beginners or on the driving range and is really rarely ever used as an actual playing ball on the course. These balls are made from a solid sphere of Surlyn with dimples molded around it. Their low cost and low compression are the main reasons that one-piece golf balls are usually used in practice ranges. Read more about one-piece balls at


Two-piece golf balls are some of the more regularly used golf balls by a lot of regular, everyday golfers. The ball has a solid sphere core made from hard plastic, which is then enclosed by the cover of the ball. The ball provides golfers with some more distance when they strike the ball, but it usually comes at the expense of their accuracy when they hit the ball. Read more about two-piece balls at


Three-piece golf balls are made with a bit more technology than the one- or two-piece ones. Like the two-piece ball, the three-piece has an inner core and a cover, but in the middle of the two is an outer mantle to help provide more control when you strike the ball. But in order to get all three parts working for you, your swing speed needs to increase. Read more about three-piece balls at


A four-piece ball has developed the type of technology that helps provide all of the things that the two- and three-piece balls provide the golfers who use them. Golfers who use a four-piece golf ball will get the powerful drives off the tee while also having good control of the ball when they get to the green and need to be accurate with their short game. Picking the right ball can be the difference between a good score and a great one. Read more about four-piece balls at


Relatively newer to the golf scene, five-piece balls have once again taken the technology in golf to another level. The balls promote being able to hit the ball longer than ever before while also keeping the ability to control where the ball goes better than other balls. The soft core is made for increased distance, while the inner mantle reduces the trajectory of the shot. Read more about five-piece balls at
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