Most dimples on a golf ball are designed to help reduce the drag of the ball and make it fly farther through the air. Without dimples on the golf ball, it would drag about double compared to ones that have dimples. Here’s more about dimples: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/11/081123190508.htm


As you get more dimples on the ball, the easier it becomes to control the ball. At one time, the normal number of dimples on a ball was around 300, but in recent years, it has become more common to see anywhere from 350-500 on balls. See what more dimples can do for your game at http://www.faqs.org/sports-science/Fo-Ha/Golf-Ball-Construction-and-Flight-Dynamics.html


When a ball has fewer dimples on it, it becomes a little more difficult to really drive the ball as far as possible with balls with higher dimple counts. The amount of dimples on a ball can help control the distance as well as accuracy and, most importantly, spin. See if fewer dimples holds any appeal for you at http://www.golfballs101.com/golf-ball-construction.html
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